On Saturday 19 August 2017 13:29:29 Fred van Stappen wrote:
> > Which limitations do you mean?
> From LLVM-fpc wiki:
> - Much less  targets OS,...

True. Is it a problem for you? I assume that new important targets will be 
supported by LLVM at least as fast as by FPC. Because LLVM is opensource it 
can be modified in order to support the needed targets, the necessary 
infrastructure is here.

> > - And all the restrictions in "Frequently Asked Questions" LLVM-fpc wiki. 
MSElang uses LLVM bitcode as intermediate medium not LLVM assembler text as 
AFAIK FPC uses. LLVM bitcode of new LLVM versions is backward compatible.
And yes, LLVM tools are slow, it is very sad. An effect of the "high quality 
C++ code" I fear. ;-)

> Do you have a MSELang donation or something else to help development of
> MSELang ?
If you like to donate to the MSE projects please use the links on

It is not yet possible to split development tasks of MSElang because I still 
try out different solutions and I don't want to to destroy the work of other 
people. I'll come back if there are tasks which can be divided out.


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