On Saturday 26 August 2017 12:48:05 fredvs wrote:
> >> If you like to donate to the MSE projects please use the links on
> >> http://msegui.com/?q=node/7
> >
> >I will.
> Hello Martin.
> I have try with my MasterCard ---> "Your card number does accept
> transaction, please contact your bank".
> I went to bank ---> "It should work, retry it..."
> I did try everyday, still same "Your card number does accept transaction,
> please contact your bank".
> Huh, in your country, it seems that there are banks too.

Yes, there are. ;-)

> Could you give simply your bank account ?
Please send me your OpenPGP public key and your email address to
fpmse at bluewin.ch (the mail address of the MSEide+MSEgui PayPal account).
Attached my OpenPGP public key for further secure communication, the 
fingerprint of my key is


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