> The size of the main form must be adjusted to the minimal sizes of the
docked forms.

Huh, it seems to be.

> I'll take a look. 

OK, thanks.

Other thing.

I was successfully able to translate PThread.h into pascal dynamic loading
header: --->


It works perfectly for fpGUI (with MSE, I have to adapt code, but sure you
will do it better than me ;-)).

So the question:

Do you thing it could be possible to also dynamic load libdl.so (the library
for dynamically load libraries) ?
I did the translation of dl.h  into pascal dynamic loading header but was
not able to do it work.

But maybe it is normal that it does not work because libdl.so needs ...
libdl.so to dynamic load it self.
And so maybe the only working way is to do static linking for libdl.so.

(Once again, something difficult to explain, I hope you did understand).



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