On Friday 08 September 2017 19:39:42 fredvs wrote:
> So the question:
> Do you thing it could be possible to also dynamic load libdl.so (the
> library for dynamically load libraries) ?
> I did the translation of dl.h  into pascal dynamic loading header but was
> not able to do it work.
> But maybe it is normal that it does not work because libdl.so needs ...
> libdl.so to dynamic load it self.
> And so maybe the only working way is to do static linking for libdl.so.
Probably. libdl AFAIK is a special thing anyway:

I don't think that the basic libraries which are needed in order to run any 
MSEgui application (libc, libm, libpthread, libX11...) should be loaded by  
dlopen()/dlsym(). I exclusively use dlopen()/dlsym() for libraries which are 
not mandatory.
Free Pascal should allow to define the SONAME source in binding unit - using 
dlopen()/dlsym() instead is a hack IMHO.


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