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> Huh, sorry but even with clean glasses, it seems to me that
> "alsa_object_write()" is a call to ALSA.
You see that the program stops in Function pa_stream_write() in 
file /usr/src/debug/pulseaudio-9-0/src/pulse/stream.c:1613 which clearly is a 
Pulseaudio function. Agreed?

This Pulseaudio function is called by the Alsa functions 

Also Wikipedia writes:
In a typical installation scenario under Linux, the user configures ALSA to 
use a virtual device provided by PulseAudio. Thus, applications using ALSA 
will output sound to PulseAudio, which then uses ALSA itself to access the 
real sound card. PulseAudio also provides its own native interface to 
applications that want to support PulseAudio directly, as well as a legacy 
interface for ESD applications, making it suitable as a drop-in replacement 
for ESD.



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