> You can test it in mono mode if you change the sine frequency.

Indeed ;-(

What is strange too is that using snd_pcm_drain() gives strange result too.
(In theory it should result only the delay to write all the buffer, but it
gives a short extra sound too with alsa)

Compiling pcaudiolib with this is ok for Pulse but not for alsa (a kind of
short double-frequency sound is added):

alsa_object_flush(struct audio_object *object)
        struct alsa_object *self = to_alsa_object(object);
        if (self && self->handle){

> One needs to check what snd_pcm_drop() does and what data will not be
> dropped. 

Ok captain!

> Then one needs to find a workaround or Alsa must be fixed.

I hope that a workaround will be found (and not be obliged to fix alsa that
will take centuries to be committed).

> Note: Please do not call audio_object_close() as a workaround as original
> pcaudiolib

Huh, I exclusively use this project:


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