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you wrote on Sun, 3 Sep 2023 01:17:44 +0000:

> I try to compile your new release of MSEClock but there are some errors:
> Compiling ./MSEclock.pas
> ...
> clockwork.pas(288,7) Error: identifier idents no member "onmouseevent"

Yes. This is due to an addition you had suggested a couple subversions ago
and not yet instituted: at line 985 in file "msewidgets.pas"

   // property onmouseevent;  // should we not enable it ?

I did.

> clockwork.pas(365,9) Error: Identifier not found "execute"
> clockwork.pas(375,60) Error: Incompatible type for arg no. 1: Got
> "tcolordialogfo", expected "tdialogform" clockwork.pas(376,20) Error:

I DID state that this version ALSO uses my previously presented
"newdialogs". Don't you have them anymore? Then I should upload them anew.
There's a completely new dialog included for font selection akin to the
kind most applications under X do provide now. It was already there with
the previous version of MSEclock (that also requred the "newdialogs"), but
is now extended to (as far as I can see) full control of font properties.
And I DO suggest the "newdialogs" for consideration for inclusion into
msegui, if "only" because I hate dialogs that are nailed on an arbitrary
position on the screen. All of your errors except the first one DO arise
from this omission. Should I upload the "newdialogs" directory another
BTW, there's another new dialog, "replacedialogform.pas" (which is really a
search or replace dialog), that doesn't have a corresponding implementation
among msegui's dialogs. It's included for your examination and for possible
inclusion (probabely renamed) into msegui's stock of dialogs.

And, in addition, in the meantime I found a - clunky-clumsy - work-around
for the posting problem in the database browser application.
And I renamed it, because "PSQLcat" doesn't seem a fitting name after all.
It's called "PSQLbrowse" now, and all its functions seem to work correctly,
as far as I was able to test them.
Be warned though: this does ALSO usee my "newdialogs"!

BTW, in conjunction with my playing around with this application, I found
a problem, if not omission or even error, in the msegui database functions.
The issue is that closing a database does NOT correctly, i.e. completely,
de-initialize the datasource. Specifically, it does not discard the field
data structure built-up for the formerly open database, and on opening
another one that has a different field structure it fails, trying to access
the old fields again.
This is a basic problem, as it originates from the "mdb.pas" unit in the
"fpccompatibility" directory. I did not try to tinker with that, but
includedd an explicit de-initialization statment, "SQLquery.Fields.Clear;"
in my application, although I believe that it does by no means belong
there. It took my quite some time to figure out why opening a different
table did always fail after any modification of a value in a previously
opened table. Although this will not hamper an application only dealing
with only one table per data source, it DID bite me for accessing different
tables using just one over again.
Well, problem solved - but should that be kept so, or was this a candidate
for an amendment of the library function?

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