> On Jan 16, 2020, at 12:35 PM, Andre van Eyssen <an...@purplecow.org> wrote:
> All,
> Solaris Nostalgia Drinks will be held at Beer de Luxe, Fed Square on 
> Thursday the 13th of February at 18:00.
> Beer de Luxe offers a wide selection of craft beer on tap, along with the 
> usual bar offerings and a decent selection of food (including pizza).
> I'll reserve at least one table, and said table will have a MSOSUG sign on 
> it (and possibly other Sun paraphenalia).
> My mobile number is in my email signature in case anyone has trouble 
> finding the venue, the group or wants to see if they should pick up a 
> round of fine beer on their way to the table.
> RSVP appreciated, so I know if I need to extend the booking for additional 
> tables.

I'll be there.

> On Jan 16, 2020, at 2:44 PM, Andre van Eyssen <an...@purplecow.org> wrote:
> On Wed, 15 Jan 2020, Tim Hogard wrote:
>> I would be happy to offer use of the Kelvin club bar since the place has 
>> decor from the heyday of Sun.  It also has cheaper beer but only two on tap 
>> so I don't
>> expect any interest.
> While that does sound pleasant, I'm not sure if the club dress code is a 
> match for the substantial "jeans and vendor t-shirt" section of our attendees.

I agree Beer de Luxe will be a better option.

The kelvin hosts a game developer group monthly with about 50 members which is 
mostly uni aged programmers with few grey beards.  There have been shocked 
looks by some of the more conservative members. 

On a more technical level, I setup a Ubiquiti UniFi network at the club which 
just got NBN FTTC so I wanted to test it and what should work better than a 
group of well connected students?  I created an open SSID
and no one connected to it. Even after I mentioned that they could use the 
network, only 6 takers and they used about 20 mb of data over a few hours.   It 
does say something about the cost of data where uni students
don't care about free data anymore.

That system has recorded over 9000 other wifi networks in can see in the CBD 
and a similar one in Canterbury has seen about the same now that many cars now 
have access points as well as taxi and buses.  There
is a massive amount of RF noise out there these days. 

The NBN install had so many problems it reminded me of the air conditioner 
issues in Terry Gilliam's Brazil.  They got so much right in that movie and I 
did like everyone running around looking at tiny screens.

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