MSPDebug version 0.23 is available. You can get it from here:

Significant changes since the last release are:

    * Support for raw JTAG via GPIOs.
    * Raw JTAG drivers now support single stepping and breakpoints.
    * Support for MSP430F5xx USB bootloader.
    * Added experimental fet3/eZ-FET driver.
    * Added "blow_jtag_fuse" command.
    * Added "!" command for dropping to a shell.
    * flash_bsl now allows custom entry/exit sequences.
    * Added ROM BSL driver.
    * Add support for BSL entry via GPIO toggling.
    * Many bug and portability fixes.

If anyone is interested in improving the fet3/eZ-FET driver, please let
me know -- I don't have a lot of time myself, but I do have some hints
that might be useful.


Daniel Beer <>
PGP: BA6E 0B26 1F89 246C E3F3  C910 1E58 C43A 160A 553B

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