Hi folks-

I have one of those bugs from hell that comes and goes without any discernable 
to its cause, so I'm looking for assistance as to where I should start for 

I am writing an alternative Arduino port for the MSP430 architecture using 
currently using the 4.9.1 release from TI - built from source on a Fedora 19 
64-bit laptop.
Source obtained via http://www.ti.com/tool/msp430-gcc-opensource

I have a few C++ classes in the "core" folder which collect and manage CPU 
matters, and I've found that on occasion doing seemingly innocuous operations 
on these
classes causes the following error on link:

 BFD (GNU Binutils) internal error, aborting at 
../../bfd/elf-eh-frame.c line 1726 in _bfd_elf_write_section_eh_frame

 Please report this bug.

collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

Looking at the binutils source, this is failing at:

  /* We don't align the section to its section alignment since the
     runtime library only expects all CIE/FDE records aligned at
     the pointer size. _bfd_elf_discard_section_eh_frame should
     have padded CIE/FDE records to multiple of pointer size with
     size_of_output_cie_fde.  */
  if ((sec->size % ptr_size) != 0)
    abort ();

So a section is getting generated with improperly alignment I'm guessing?  Is 
there any
tool I could use to ascertain this - I know the compiler is building all the .o 
and it's just bombing on linking, so can msp430-elf-objdump be used to somehow 
spot the
"odd-sized section"?

I would provide more detail but the source is a bit large and the bug rather 
... random (yet
repeatable), so I'm mostly looking for expert advice on how I can dig deeper 
and hopefully
spot the bug myself.

FYI- Command used to build the .o files (example for main.cpp):

/opt/local/msp430-elf-gcc/bin/msp430-elf-g++ -c -g -Os -ffunction-sections 
-fdata-sections -Wall -fpermissive -mmcu=msp430f5529 -DF_CPU_DEFAULT=16000000L 
-msmall -DARDUINO=10601 -DENERGIA=10601 -DARDUINO_MSP430_LPMSP430F5529 
-o /tmp/build3887189002897295326.tmp/main.cpp.o

Command used to link everything (core API objects get bundled up into "core.a" 
then the "sketch" .o linked with it):

/opt/local/msp430-elf-gcc/bin/msp430-elf-g++ -Os -Wl,--gc-sections -minrt 
-mmcu=msp430f5529 -o /tmp/build3887189002897295326.tmp/f5529_skunk1.cpp.elf -u 
main /tmp/build3887189002897295326.tmp/f5529_skunk1.cpp.o 
/tmp/build3887189002897295326.tmp/core.a -L/tmp/build3887189002897295326.tmp -T 
msp430f5529.ld -lm

GCC version (msp430-elf-gcc -v):
Using built-in specs.
Target: msp430-elf
Configured with: ../configure --prefix=/opt/local/msp430-elf-gcc 
--target=msp430-elf --enable-languages=c,c++ --disable-nls
Thread model: single
gcc version 4.9.1 20140707 (prerelease (msp430-14r1-167)) (GNUPro 14r1) (Based 
on: GCC 4.8 GDB 7.7 Binutils 2.24 Newlib 2.1) (GCC) 

LD version (msp430-elf-ld -v):
GNU ld (GNU Binutils)


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