>   To be honest, your (RedHat + TI) way is worst possible one :-(

Worst for your purposes, perhaps.  We just have a different goal - a
turnkey custom collection that "just works" for our customers.  That
means we normally include things that wouldn't be included in a system

What you want is an "upstream" collection, broken down by packages,
with the latest greatest of each package.  Over time, the upstream
releases with msp430 support will happen and allow that.  Often we do
releases for customers that can't go upstream right away (usually
because the chips are still NDA, which is obviously not the case for
MSP430 ;) so our workflow is geared towards self-sufficiency.

And BTW I know all about packaging rules, I do after all work for Red
Hat, we have a distro or two ourselves :-)

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