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BTW, "gnu89" helps, thank you.

> That should be built as part of building gcc/
> so you probably have a problem earlier on that you didn't see in your logs...
 Nope. It was build here ("root" is sources/tools from tarball):


 But later build try to find it here:

gmake[3]: Entering directory 
Makefile:165: ../.././gcc/libgcc.mvars: No such file or directory

 Which is (again, path is trimmed):

"msp430-elf/libgcc/../.././gcc" -> "gcc", which is not
"host-amd64-portbld-freebsd10.2/gcc/libgcc.mvars" :)

 So, it looks like everyhting but msp430-elf/libgcc is built out-of-tree and
this library is build in-tree and here are some problems with that.

 Makefile in "msp430-elf/libgcc" contains:

libgcc_topdir = ../.././libgcc/..
host_subdir = .

gcc_objdir = $(MULTIBUILDTOP)../../$(host_subdir)/gcc

  "host_subdir" is clearly invalid :)

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