On 2017-03-24, Bob von Knobloch <b...@vknobloch.de> wrote:
> On 23/03/17 15:10, David W. Schultz wrote:
>> The family guides have complete descriptions. In this case slau144.
> Thanks David, I seem to have missed that, it is indeed a proper description.
> Thanks for all the help. The TI compiler is still no good - the 
> interrupts are still taking much longer that the old compiler and the 
> code size is still much bigger.

After seeing the mess they made of Code Composter, I can't say I'm
surprised they've mulched the gcc port.

> The enhancements that I wanted to do to the target can, seemingly, only 
> be achieved with the old compiler at this time.
> I'll give up on the TI one and keep looking in case it improves.

I predict it will get worse and worse until it gets forked and
somebody else fixes it.

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