On 06/03/17 17:52, DJ Delorie wrote:
> Bob von Knobloch <b...@vknobloch.de> writes:
>> Now the linker doesn't want to play with me - it cannot find the
>> "msp430g2231.ld" link file. Curious because the compiler fids "msp430.h"
>> in the same directory.
> Add "-v" to your gcc line, it will show you more info on where it's
> searching for things.  Note that the linker and the preprocessor use
> different search paths; the path to the linker script may come from gcc
> (via -L or an absolute path) or from the linker's built-in path.
> You can also use "strace -f -o /tmp/foo gcc . . ." to capture all the
> places it searches for files (grep for msp430g2231 in that file), which
> might help.
Thanks DJ,
the -v flag is very useful. I solved this problem by moving the -ld scripts.
Now I must find the vectors which do not appear in my hex file.


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