Hello MSP430 GCC-enthusiasts,
We are pleased to announce a new stand-alone & open source production release 
(v8.2.0.52) of MSP430 GCC available for download:

This MSP430-GCC release is based on the GCC version 8.2.0.
The packages include all binaries, the source code and MSP430 device specific 
support files.
The binaries are available for all platforms (Windows 32/64bit, Linux 32/64bit 
and Mac OSX) and this compiler can be used standalone or selected within Code 
Composer Studio 9.1.

For this specific compiler release, there will be no standalone installer. 
There will be two further releases based on GCC 8 this year, which will include 
the latest upstream patches, and additional MSP430-specific bug fixes and 
features. These releases will include a standalone installer for the toolchain.

This MSP430-GCC package based on GCC compiler 8.2.0 is maintained by 
Mitto Systems<http://www.mittosystems.com/>

We would like to continue improving MSP430 GCC offer, so please feel free to 
send any suggestions or recommendations.
For better tracking and handling please use TI e2e 
community<https://e2e.ti.com/> to submit your requests.

Best regards,

Thorsten Stauber
SW Development Tools • Connected MCUs
Texas Instruments • Freising • +49 8161 80 4079

Texas Instruments Deutschland GmbH, Haggertystr. 1, D-85356 Freising. 
Amtsgericht München HRB 40960. Geschäftsführer: Andreas Schwaiger. Vorsitzender 
des Aufsichtsrates: Dr. Klaus Weisel

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