Hello all. Hoping you can help me with a few questions before I submit a ticket 
to Microsoft.

What is the current state of Android within Intune hybrid, specifically as it 
relates to email profiles? Right now, when you go to set up an email profile, 
only Samsung KNOX 4.0 compatible devices are an option. Is it going to require 
Android for Work to be released before we can push down the profile for native 
apps (email) on Android devices? It seems that way based on this 
 but just wanted to confirm. Does anyone have any inside knowledge of when AfW 
will be released? Is that slated for after Ignite?

As far as setting up the native email app manually, as long as the phone is 
enrolled, there would be nothing preventing someone from setting up their 
native email, correct? For most of our Android users (we only have 25 so far), 
they are able to set up their native email through the manual process but we 
have a two users who cannot (one on a Nexus 6 and the other on an S7). When 
they go to set it up, it says "You do not have permission to sync with this 
server. Contact your server's administrator for more information (status: 
129)". What would be preventing this?


Lastly, when will more options for Android OS selections become available? 
Right now, it only goes up to Android 5. Is this also reliant on the release of 
Android for Work?


Note: We're on CB 1606 with all the latest updates installed


James Beardsley | Digital Technology Services Group
Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP



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