Site version:  5.0.8412.1000
Console version:  5.0.8412.1307

When I try to push the client to a machine, I get the following error in 

Failed to get DP locations as the expected version from MP. Error 0x87d00215

However, the silent auto upgrade is working for the most part.  I want to be 
able to use the client push, though, for those machines that are having issues 
with the silent upgrade, or have been inactive, or whatever.

Boundaries are correct, boundary groups are correct, and DP is assigned to the 
boundary group as well.  I did find one thread on Technet forums about someone 
who ended up removing and re-adding the DP and MP roles, but that seems a 
little excessive.

Anyone have other ideas to check, or should I just try removing the roles?


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