For sql query, Applications, packages, task sequence and software updates, each 
has its own table/view that store in database. So it require to union the 
results that you get from each or other methods if any. 
Can check if I find something. 

Eswar Koneti

On Sep 22, 2016, 4:15 PM, at 4:15 PM, "Miriyala, Vasu" 
<> wrote:
><Resending for help>… even if one query is answered, rest I can make it
>around ☺
>Hi Champs,
>Could you be of help sharing
>1)      A sql query that helps to find TS, Software, patches etc
>content that is deployed to a client … from server perspective
>2)      A WMI query to get similar info as in 1) ….from clients
>Seems I failed to get this from net, other online sourced that I tried…
>Thanks a ton, Vasu
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