Maintenance Windows are cumulative across all of the collections a server is 
in.  In fact, that one day of the week where there is overlap, if the times are 
not the same then there would technically be two MW's on the same day.

I have weekly windows here, but if I don't deploy anything they go unused.  Are 
you forcing a reboot or letting the SU deployment handle it?  if you're forcing 
it regardless, then everything will reboot every day.

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Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2016 12:30 PM
Subject: [mssms] Server reboots and conflicting MW

Hello all,

I have a bit of an issue I'm trying to get to the bottom of. There are servers 
rebooting in the middle of the night and I believe it is due to the way 
Maintenance Windows are setup in our environment. Here are the details.

Our Software Updates collection structure is based by OS and Environment (DEV, 

In this example, I will provide a sample of the DEV environment. MW collections 
are configured as follows:

  *   MW- Windows 2012 DEV includes membership rule for SU - Windows 2012 R2 
DEV (Daily Reboot at 3am)
  *   MW- Windows 2008 DEV includes membership rule for SU - Windows 2008 R2 
DEV (Daily Reboot at 3am)

Patch Deployment targets SU - Windows 2012 R2 DEV and SU - Windows 2008 R2 DEV. 
Keeping in mind these servers are members of the MW Collections above with a 
Daily Reboot at 3am.

Now, I also have another MW collection for servers that should ONLY reboot once 
a week. I have found where these servers that should only be rebooting once a 
week are in two collections of which both have Maintenance Windows tied to them.

My understanding is, even though these servers are in two separate collections; 
1 collection is telling them the MW is daily and 2 collection is telling them 
weekly. Because of this the servers are going to reboot every day. Is this an 
accurate statement?



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