Sounds like you have the Configure Automatic Updates GPO enabled? That should 
be disabled. In fact, all of the Windows Updates GPOs should not be configured 
except for the Configure Automatic updates GPO which again, should be disabled. 
This will prevent Windows update from managing updates at all and then leave 
SCCM to do the work.

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Subject: [mssms] Windows Updates through SCCM

I have setup Windows 10 computers to update through SCCM instead of WSUS and so 
far it's going good.  We specify a deadline with a 2 hour reboot timer.

Last month we ran into an issue with some computers that failed to install the 
cumulative update.  The deadline in the deployment was reached, SCCM installed 
the CU and rebooted and then the update failed and was rolled back.  The next 
day, Windows, not SCCM, retried the failed CU install.   Then Windows prompted 
for a reboot with only a 30 minute timer.

I'd like to see what others have done for this scenario as a 30 minute reboot 
window is not good at all.
Is this normal behavior for Windows to retry failed updates instead of SCCM?
Is there anything we can do to stop Windows from retrying failed updates and 
let SCCM do it?  If not, will enabling the GPO policy for no auto-restart with 
logged on user interfere with SCCM auto reboot client settings?


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