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Superseded <> Expired
If you have those superseded updates in your deployment update group,
depending upon where in the install chain that particular client chose to
install an update, it *might* install November, December, than January.
Instead of "January", then "oh, I have November and December already,
moving on"  Which is what you want to happen.

If you want to avoid that, remove the superseded updates from your update
group, so only the latest is available.

On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 5:04 AM, Stuart Watret <>

> I try not to think about patching too much, I’ve been fairly successful.
> I thought the new patch paradigm was cumulative?
> I was refreshing a reference image in MDT yesterday, a couple of days
> after January’s patches were out.
> The screen cap below shows my client picking up Novembers patches, clearly
> marked as superseded in the wsus console.
> Have I got it wrong?
> Cheers
> Stuart
> [image: unknown.png]

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