What we do is the following.

R800 is running when we start or program
We load the music file
Do some graphic moves etc in VRAM to prepare the game
Switch to Z80 as we want to start the game
Start music and then the MSX hangs...

When I remove the switch to Z80 it runs fine. When I remove the Start Music
routine it also works fine. Together in one game -> MSX Hangs

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> I've added th enable interrupt at the end. But everything works fine
> without the music. Then when I add the music routines, it goes wrong.  So
> it looks like something in this music routine doesn't like the CPU to be
> switched at all.

Hm, when exactly do you call these switching routines?
While music is playing?  IIRC the music routines make pretty
extensive use of the IX and IY registers, as do your switching
routines...  Also, the MB replay routine does check whether you're
running on R800 or Z80, but only when replaying a song is started,
no tduring replay. It uses slightly different routines to OUT data
to the Music Module and FM-PAC: the R800 routine has a few NOPs
thrown in (or an other pausing mechanism), because the R800 would
OUT the data too fast to the music chips. Now if this test happens
to be run while you're in Z80 mode, but later on you try to replay
a song in R800 mode, I can imagine things going kaboom.

(Just 2 wild guesses)

 > Does someone have a new routine for TP to play moonblaster
> 1.4 music?

Nope :-(


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