I use msys2 and mingw to develop, and usually use make / make run frequently to 
compile with mingw32 and run.

I recently installed mingw64 to use ruby, and since then my application will 
not run when I use "make run" although it works if I run it without make.
I was wondering if something about the ruby/mingw64 installation changed some 
sort of variable? I don't know why make run would suddenly make a win32 
compiled program that uses win32 libraries no longer work.

In fact, the library portaudio wll just click and not make sound, so I know the 
programm is opened but wont run, whereas if I just execute it directly rather 
that through make run it rund fine?
If anyone has any idea of what might have changed and how to fic it I'd greatly 
apprectiate it, I assumed it had something to do with the recent mingw64 

-Thank you

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