I go to MTT and I choose:

Test run
Date range: 2012-01-05 05:00:00 - 2012-01-05 12:00:00
Org: Oracle
Platform name: $burl-ct-v20z-2$
Suite: intel-64

and I get:

1 oracle burl-ct-v20z-2 i86pc SunOS ompi-nightly-trunk 1.7a1r25692 intel-64 4 870 0 86 0 0 2 oracle burl-ct-v20z-2 i86pc SunOS ompi-nightly-v1.5 1.5.5rc2r25683 intel-64 4 915 0 92 0 0

I get more tests (passing and skipped) with v1.5 than I do with the trunk run. I have lots of ways of judging what the numbers should be. The "trunk" numbers are right. The "v1.5" numbers are too high; they should be the same as the trunk numbers.

I can see the explanation by clicking on "Detail" and looking at individual runs. (To get time stamps, I add a " | by minute" qualifier before clicking on "Detail". Maybe there's a more proper way of getting time stamps, but that seems to work for me.) Starting with record 890 and ending with 991, records are repeated. That is, 890 and 891 have identical command lines, time stamps, output, etc. One of them is a duplicate. Same with 892 and 893, then for 894 and 895, then 896 and 897, and so on. So, for about a one-hour period, the records sent in by this test run appear duplicated when I submit queries to the database. These 51 duplicates are the 45 extra passes and 6 extra skips seen in the results above.

Can someone figure out what's going wrong here? Clearly, I'd like to be able to rely on query results.

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