Sorry for the delay in replying to this; somehow this mail slipped by me. 

I'm all for what you described. Does your patch still apply to the current 
trunk?  (Texteeporter was just recently split up a bit)

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On Feb 28, 2013, at 10:07 PM, "Thomas Naughton" <> wrote:

> Hey,
> First, thank you for MTT!
> I was curious if you would be willing to add a basic feature related to
> detailed emails.  Basically, we only want the detailed test results if
> something fails.
> Initially I thought I could use an &if() funclet on the
> 'email_detailed_report' field, but it turns out the summary value used for
> "$overall_mtt_status" generated inside the TextFile reporter.
> So my solution is to just add another field for this case:
>     # If true (1), send the detailed report if there were failures
>    email_detailed_report_onfail
> Attached is a small patch against mtt-trunk (r1590).
> Thanks,
> --tjn
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>  Thomas Naughton                            
>  Research Associate                                   (865) 576-4184
> <email-detailed-report-onfail.patch>

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