i noticed that the bend-rsh cluster (Ralph from Intel ?) does not report :
- bitness
- endian
- compiler
- compiler version
- configure arguments
- vpath mode (to be confirmed)

i believe the root cause is MPI is not built via mtt since the
AlreadyInstalled module is used.

bitness can be retrieved from ompi_info in the Analyze phase.
that was trivial enough and i made a pull request for that :

other parameters (compiler, compiler version) could be "kind of"
retrieved with ompi_info
modulo some extra formatting to display it nicely.

i could not find any way to retrieve the configure command line. my best
bet would be to make it available
into OpenMPI so it can be retrieved.

i had some extra thoughts about #167 (Wrapper layer arount MTT client
for full parallelism : )
one implementation could generate several .ini files that use the
AlreadyInstalled module.
currently, this is not a good option because the parameters described
above are not reported to the mtt server.

Any thoughts ?



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