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> Folks,
> i noticed that the bend-rsh cluster (Ralph from Intel ?) does not report :
> - bitness
> - endian
> - compiler
> - compiler version
> - configure arguments
> - vpath mode (to be confirmed)
> i believe the root cause is MPI is not built via mtt since the
> AlreadyInstalled module is used.

Yes, I believe Ralph runs that way a lot.

> bitness can be retrieved from ompi_info in the Analyze phase.
> that was trivial enough and i made a pull request for that :
> https://github.com/open-mpi/mtt/pull/1

Done; thanks.

> other parameters (compiler, compiler version) could be "kind of"
> retrieved with ompi_info
> modulo some extra formatting to display it nicely.

Patches welcome.  :-)

> i could not find any way to retrieve the configure command line. my best
> bet would be to make it available
> into OpenMPI so it can be retrieved.

We have no easy way to save the configure command line, unfortunately.  
configure slurps off a lot of the command line before the first line of 
configure.ac is executed (so to speak).

> i had some extra thoughts about #167 (Wrapper layer arount MTT client
> for full parallelism : https://svn.open-mpi.org/trac/mtt/ticket/167 )
> one implementation could generate several .ini files that use the
> AlreadyInstalled module.
> currently, this is not a good option because the parameters described
> above are not reported to the mtt server.

We were really thinking about a generalized version of the Cisco scripts for 
#167 -- this wouldn't need the AlreadyInstalled module.

See ompi-tests/cisco/mtt/usnic/nightly.pl.  It's kinda grotty and very 
Cisco-specific.  A nicer/cleaner/more general version of the ideas in that 
script would be great.

Jeff Squyres
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