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Subject:        [MTT users] Corrupted MTT database or incorrucet query

I just noticed that the MTT summary page is presenting incorrect information
for our recent runs at IU.
It is showing failures for the 1.2b1 that actaully came from the trunk!
See the first entry in this table:

Click on the [i] in the upper right (the first entry) to get the popup
window which shows the MPIRrun cmd as:

mpirun -mca btl tcp,sm,self -np 6 --prefix

Note the path has "1.3a1r12559" in the name... it's a run from the trunk,
yet the table showed this as a 1.2b1 run.

There are several of these missattributed errors.

This would explain why Jeff saw some ddt errors on the 1.2 brach yesterday, but
was unable to reproduce them.  They were from the trunk!
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