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MTT is just an engine.  It doesn't really know much/anything about the tests 
that it runs -- it just runs them and then records whether it passed, failed 
(for a few different definitions of "failed"), or was skipped.

Hence, you can run pretty much anything through MTT.

In a few cases, we added some specific stdout interpreters to MTT, like for 
parsing the output of NetPIPE.  But in most cases, MTT just looks at the exit 
status of the test to determine what happened (pass, fail, skip).

Here's a relatively simple MTT .ini file that I recently sent to ARM to get 
them started on MTT with Open MPI.  It only has 1 compiler, a simple MPI 
Details section, and only 2 MPI Get's (trunk and v1.5).  I left most of the 
test gets/builds/runs (but not all of them).  You might want to comment out all 
the test gets, leaving just "trivial" uncommented, and use that to get going.

Look in the INI file for comments with my initials (JMS) for some things you 
need to fill in.  Note that the "IU Database" reporter section won't work for 
you -- it's only for Open MPI community members to report to our central 
testing database.

Look at the various Test Get, Test Build, and Test Run sections to see how 
things generally flow (feel free to ask questions).  This file gets all of its 
tests from SVN checkouts, but MTT can get tests from SVN, HG, git (IIRC), 
copying a tarball, copying a directory tree, ...and possibly some other sources 
that I've forgotten about.

Remember: MTT is just an engine for building and running tests.  It's not 
specific to Open MPI (it's barely dependent upon MPI -- we had considered 
renaming MTT to be the "Middleware Testing Tool", but never got around to 
making the few changes that would be necessary to generalize the MPI out of the 
MPI Testing Tool :-) ).

On Jan 5, 2012, at 3:24 PM, Юлов Дмитрий wrote:

> Dear Jeff,
> Thanks  a  lot  for  answer.   I  agree  with  you that some tests are
> available  elsewhere,  but these tests didn't explain how I can to use
> it  for  with  OpenMPI  MTT framework. Please tell me do you have such
> document  which  will explain how I could use some external tests with
> MTT? Unfortunately I didn't find such document nay be you know :(
> Best Regards,
> -- Dmitry
> Jeff> Hi, sorry for the delay -- I was on vacation and this week has
> Jeff> been spent mostly in prep for the MPI Forum meeting next week. 
> Jeff> I'm sloooowly plowing through the mails that piled up during vacation.  
> More below.
> Jeff> On Jan 5, 2012, at 2:54 PM, Юлов Дмитрий wrote:
>>> Does anybody say to me Jeff here or not?
>>> I  am  relly would like to have access to tests. What i need to do for
>>> that?
> Jeff> I'm afraid that our repository is not open to the public.
> Jeff> The reason is very simple: the majority of tests in there are
> Jeff> either publicly available elsewhere, or were derived from
> Jeff> tests/benchmarks that are publicly available elsewhere.  
> Jeff> We have never looked into re-distribution rights of these test
> Jeff> suites / benchmarks, so we keep that repository closed.
> Jeff> That being said, like I mentioned above, many of the tests are
> Jeff> available elsewhere.  E.g., the Intel MPI test suite, the IBM
> Jeff> MPI test suite, the Intel MPI benchmarks, NetPIPE, ...etc.
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