Dear Jeff,

Thanks a lot.  I see what you mean.
One  more  question: Is possible to get structure tree of tests?     I
see  that in INI file that you send me test are get from SVN. It would
be  great to have example of getting it from tarbal and structure for
incorporate  new tests into testing. Some documents will be enough for

Jeff> (moving this from the OMPI user's list...)

Jeff> MTT is just an engine.  It doesn't really know much/anything
Jeff> about the tests that it runs -- it just runs them and then
Jeff> records whether it passed, failed (for a few different
Jeff> definitions of "failed"), or was skipped.

Jeff> Hence, you can run pretty much anything through MTT.

Jeff> In a few cases, we added some specific stdout interpreters to
Jeff> MTT, like for parsing the output of NetPIPE.  But in most cases,
Jeff> MTT just looks at the exit status of the test to determine what happened 
(pass, fail, skip).

Jeff> Here's a relatively simple MTT .ini file that I recently sent
Jeff> to ARM to get them started on MTT with Open MPI.  It only has 1
Jeff> compiler, a simple MPI Details section, and only 2 MPI Get's
Jeff> (trunk and v1.5).  I left most of the test gets/builds/runs (but
Jeff> not all of them).  You might want to comment out all the test
Jeff> gets, leaving just "trivial" uncommented, and use that to get going.

Jeff> Look in the INI file for comments with my initials (JMS) for
Jeff> some things you need to fill in.  Note that the "IU Database"
Jeff> reporter section won't work for you -- it's only for Open MPI
Jeff> community members to report to our central testing database.

Jeff> Look at the various Test Get, Test Build, and Test Run sections
Jeff> to see how things generally flow (feel free to ask questions). 
Jeff> This file gets all of its tests from SVN checkouts, but MTT can
Jeff> get tests from SVN, HG, git (IIRC), copying a tarball, copying a
Jeff> directory tree, ...and possibly some other sources that I've forgotten 

Jeff> Remember: MTT is just an engine for building and running tests.
Jeff> It's not specific to Open MPI (it's barely dependent upon MPI --
Jeff> we had considered renaming MTT to be the "Middleware Testing
Jeff> Tool", but never got around to making the few changes that would
Jeff> be necessary to generalize the MPI out of the MPI Testing Tool :-) ).

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