Thanks for the quick reply.

Right now I am making use of option no 1. 

As per my understanding, mtt runs tests only if new versions/updates are 
available. Info about last run is stored in the scratch dir.

By removing/changing workspace dir this info will be lost. And next mtt 
execution may submit old results again.

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You have two options:

1. After each mtt execution, run a "cleanup" script that simply does "rm -rf 

2. give the mtt scratch location a different name for each execution. However, 
be careful as you will fill your disk this way - so perhaps run a cleanup 
script every N times that whacks the oldest location


On Jan 3, 2014, at 4:42 AM, Muhammad Wahaj Sethi <> wrote:

> Hello!
>    I am running mtt daily using a cron job. After every successful execution, 
> next mtt execution fails with the following error message.
> *** ERROR: An identical key already exists in memory when MTT tried to read 
> the file 
> /lustre/ws1/ws/hpcmtt-mtt-0/mtt-scratch/sources/mpi_sources-ompi-nightly-trunk.1.9a1r30043.dump
>  (key=1.9a1r30042).  This should not happen.  It likely indicates that 
> multiple MTT clients are incorrectly operating in the same scratch tree. at 
> /zhome/academic/HLRS/hlrs/hpcmtt/mtt-trunk/lib/MTT/ line 131.
> I have checked mtt successful run log file and was not able to notice 
> something unusual. 
> Kindly, let me know if addition info is required.
> Any help will be greatly appreciated.
> regards,
> Wahaj
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