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> I had a chance to think about this some more, and I'm wondering if this falls 
> into some new category of "member". Personally, I would really welcome 
> getting the MTT results from another site as it would expand coverage of 
> various environments, something we are beginning to lack. So even if Jaison 
> et al aren't going to contribute code, contributing test result data is a 
> valuable contribution in itself.
> I think this fits to your question about testing nightly OMPI tarballs. If 
> Jaison can run tests with our tarballs and tell us the results, and that 
> meets his needs to characterize/validate their cluster, then it seems like 
> both sides win.

FWIW, this is already an existing definition of "member" (run tests only).  
That's what I was thinking when I asked whether they planned to test nightly 
tarballs (assumedly vs. just validating their cluster with release tarballs).

Jeff Squyres
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