Thanks for the info.

I gave these options a try.
Unfortunately the MTTDatabase module requires an URL to initialize - but if I 
provide an URL in the ini file, MTT tries to connect to this URL forever...
If I do not provide the URL the MTTDatabase module is skipped. Are there any 
additional/hidden options or environment variables? 

Christoph Niethammer

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On Oct 22, 2014, at 5:46 PM, Christoph Niethammer <> wrote:

> I saw client/mtt-submit which states it can submit  mttdatabase_debug file(s).
> Are these the files written by the [Reporter: text file backup] ?

Scheesh; I hit "send" by accident on the prior mail.  Sorry!

I have the 3 following lines in my MTT database reporter section:

mttdatabase_debug_filename = mttdb_debug_file
mttdatabase_keep_debug_files = 1
mttdatabase_debug_server = 1

I don't remember what debug_server is... I think that's just for outputting 
some additional verbose statements when communicating with the server.  But the 
first two output the files that I think you need.

Jeff Squyres
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