Got it working with mtt-relay for one system, now.

One open question:
Can mtt-relay handle with multiple mtts running in parallel on different 
Or do I need for each system a seperate mtt-relay service running?


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On Oct 27, 2014, at 9:02 AM, Christoph Niethammer <nietham...@hlrs.de> wrote:

> I gave these options a try.
> Unfortunately the MTTDatabase module requires an URL to initialize - but if I 
> provide an URL in the ini file, MTT tries to connect to this URL forever...
> If I do not provide the URL the MTTDatabase module is skipped. Are there any 
> additional/hidden options or environment variables? 

Nope.  :-(

You might need to add a patch to make this work.

Submitting from disconnected scenarios was always envisioned, but I don't think 
it got used much in practice, so the code may not have ever been complete for 
this kind of scenario.

Another possibility is to use the mtt-relay...?

Jeff Squyres
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