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Afraid I don’t have the full context here, but I am unaware of any reason why 
PRRTE wouldn’t run on Summit. It lacks JSM integration, but that just means you 
(a) have to give it a list of the hosts it can use (either via -host or 
-hostfile), and (b) it would require ssh permissions to launch its daemons. I 
have been looking at adding a PMIx-based “launcher” in PRRTE that should work 
with JSM directly - if it would help, I suspect it could be done fairly quickly.


> On Apr 26, 2019, at 2:05 PM, Andre Merzky <an...@merzky.net> wrote:
> Hi Shantenu, Matteo,
> I had a useful discussion with Thomas and Wael: we seem to make
> further progress and have action items on both sides to move things
> forward.
> One question came up, which is about the projects stalling because of
> this joined effort.  Shantenu, do you have a pointer to the list of
> projects which want to use summit through RCT?  If we don't have that,
> we may consider creating a web or wiki page, because its not the first
> time that question comes up IIRC.  I am glad that Matteo plans to get
> a cleaner definition of the use cases involved - that would also be
> useful to Thomas / Wael.
> But I also conveyed that we did not promise to any of those projects
> that PRRTE would be usable for them.  Thomas and Wael both had the
> impression that our INCITE projects stall because we cannot use PRRTE
> on summit! I assume that comes from some communication within ORNL, as
> I don't think wa have given that impression.  Either way, I clarified
> that we consider jsrun the ORNL-supported launch method for summit and
> that this is what the INCITES are stalling on, and that we investigate
> PRRTE as alternative, but that there is no expectation or obligation
> to get this to work in any reasonable time frame.
> Let me know if you think this is not a correct statement!
> Best, Andre.
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