Windows 10 is preventing the Mudlet installer from running, because it is
unsigned and thus potentially unsafe. Windows thinks it knows better than
the user and is clearly doing in what it thinks is a favour for the user.
How does it make me feel when I can't run the application I downloaded and
I know I want to run? Not very happy.

On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 7:52 AM Vadim Peretokin <>

> I just don't agree with the program thinking it knows better than the
> user. When the user tells the program that they don't want to see map
> related details, it means they know what they want, and that should be
> respected, not violated. How can I justify such behaviour? Mudlet did not
> do this before and still should not.
> On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 7:35 AM Stephen Lyons <>
> wrote:
> That is a side effect of the auditing and other code noticing things
> that I felt were important enough details that needed to be brought to
> the attention of the user whatever their preference to not normally see
> map related details.  Unnamed and Duplicate area names have been issues
> that break things (the mapper area selection widget for one thing) for
> some time and we now actively prevent such things - since this means
> changing things in an existing map I do not think these are details that
> we should not draw the user's attention to them.
> For any particular file this will happen when it is checked and "fixed"
> and should not show again if the file is saved and then reused.
> {Attempts to do things that would result in an unnamed (blank) or
> duplicate area names WILL fail with appropriate error messages.}  The -1
> area IS required and must be added to a map (file) without it - if the
> option to show it is enabled (it is by default) it will appear in the
> area selection widget and can be displayed - which may surprise a user -
> hence this must also (IMHO) be reported.
> I note from the included text that the map file used is recorded as
> "/home/vadi/Dropbox/MMC/mapping/Sidd Map 1-25-15.dat" and presumable it
> is being repeatedly used and not saved - so then the messages noted WILL
> reoccur each time the file is loaded but this does not represent normal
> usage in my opinion.
> I will tentatively mark this bug as "invalid" but the OP may of course
> review and revise that action.
> ** Changed in: mudlet
>        Status: New => Invalid
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> Title:
>   Map issues still reported to screen with 'report map issues to screen'
>   turned off
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  Map issues still reported to screen with 'report map issues to screen'
  turned off

Status in Mudlet:

Bug description:
  Even though the I have the 'report map issues to screen' checkbox
  turned off when selecting and loading in a map, 20+ lines related to
  map issues are still printed to the screen:

  [ INFO ]  - Reading map (format version:16) file:
              "/home/vadi/Dropbox/MMC/mapping/Sidd Map 1-25-15.dat",
              please wait...
  [ ALERT ] - Empty and duplicate area names detected in Map file!
  [ INFO ]  - Due to some situations not being checked in the past,  Mudlet had
              allowed the map to have more than one area with the same or no 
              These make some things confusing and are now disallowed.
                To resolve these cases, an area without a name here (or created 
              the future) will automatically be assigned the name "Unnamed 
                Duplicated area names will cause all but the first encountered 
              to gain a "_###" style suffix where each "###" is an increasing
              number; you may wish to change these, perhaps by replacing them 
              a "(sub-area name)" but it is entirely up to you how you do this,
              other then you will not be able to set one area's name to that of
              another that exists at the time.
                If there were more than one area without a name then all but the
              first will also gain a suffix in this manner.
  [  OK  ]  - The changes made are:
              (ID) "old name" ==> "new name"
              (0) "<nothing>" ==> "Unnamed Area"
  [ INFO ]  - Default (reset) area name (for rooms that have not been assigned 
to an
              area) not found, adding "Default Area" against the reserved -1 id.

  I think none of this should show, it should just go into the
  errors.txt unless you have that checkbox enabled (and the checkbox to
  fully do what it claims to say!).

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