Hey all,

I’ve now implemented a 3d-wavetable for my oscillator: 

The three dimension are [Shape | Frequency (numHarmonics) | Waveform]. All 
these get interpolated linearly. The result is actually quite impressive. I 
could not ask for more. Thanks for your input!

However two tasks are remaining:

# Phase modulation (Lfo)
Introducing phase modulation would again introduce alias. The only solution I 
can think of is to extent the wavetable to 4D, but that seems rather slow, 
memory consuming and over-complicated. Another ‘solution’ is to allow alias on 
lower frequencies and reduce the amount of pulse-modulation when approaching 
higher frequencies. The problem is that alias is bad because it also varies 
with different sample-rates. In the web we currently get 44.1kHz and 48kHz 
assigned by the browser. No way to adjust it.

#Hard Sync
The only solution I see here is to quickly blend the amplitude (f(x)) of the 
phase from the current value to zero when sync is happening.

Any further suggestions appreciated!

André Michelle
https://www.audiotool.com <https://www.audiotool.com/>

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