I'm working on a minBLEP based oscillator. This means that my output signal
will contain all ripple needed for bandlimiting the output after each step.

Other methods of generating bandlimited signals, for instance interpolation in
an oversampled table will produce half of the ripple before and half of the
ripple after each step. In frequency domain, both are equally valid results,
that is, the frequencies contained in a minBLEP and those for other methods are
exactly the same, given similar filter desgin contstraints.

However, I have a vague idea that this is not all there is to know about the
quality. For instance, what happens if I apply a non linear effect such as
distortion after producing my signal. It could be that one of the two ways of
introducing ripple in the oscillator would produce better results when combined
with such an effect.

I already know that the minBLEP provides a faster reaction for input from
outside, for instance resetting the phase will be quicker if all ripple is
introduced afterwards, but for my application that doesn't matter much. But if
the time signal of one of the two methods would produce better results when
using effects, this would matter to me. So are there advantages/disadvantages
for each method?

   Cu... Stefan
Stefan Westerfeld, http://space.twc.de/~stefan
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