RBJ says:

> are you making wavetables, Frank?? is that what you're doing?

Well yes.

More specifically, I'm adding Wavetable SYNTHESIS to my long-standing
software synthesizer.

It's been generating waveforms the patch-writer specifies by formula,
and/or by setting individual harmonics, and the like, for years.  It takes
a portion of a second to do for a single wave.   I generate several
bandwidth-limited versions (by default 1/4 octave apart).  Some call the
resulting data structure a mipmap, some call it a wavetable, but the
salient point is that there's only one spectrum (at least, at any given
pitch range).

The problem is that now I'd doing it for say 32 or 64 or 256 waveforms at
once it can take a full second on a fast modern CPU.

So, the simple symmetry-based solution I had before isn't really fit for

To all: thanks for all the pointers.  I'm not a maths/acoustics guy, just a
humble software developer, but I'll work through all the references and see
how much I understand.
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