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I want to implement WSOLA on Real Time.
The pitch is between 5ms and 20ms.
do you mean the *period* is between 5 ms and 20 ms? or that the fundamental frequency is between 50 Hz and 200 Hz? this appears to be a bass instrument

Frequency samples of the system is 48Khz
Buffer size has 240 sample.

that's not long enough. you will never be able to even do the necessary pitch detection with a buffer that small. (unless you mean the input/output buffer of the android, then that is plenty long.)

I want to implement it on android.

then you should have no problem securing a megabyte of memory.

My issue is that my buffer is smaller than pitch,

it's the *period*.  pitch is not measured in ms.

I can't understand how I can implement WSOLA.

you can't unless you can allocate more memory. that's a programming issue with the android.


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