Hi everyone!

As usual, I'm duplicating here the announcement on KVR, since (I assume) not everyone from this list is also present there.

The Art of VA Filter Design has been updated to 2.0.0alpha. Freely available at this link:

Major highlights compared to the previous release:

- different presentation of Sallen-Key filters
- 8-pole ladders
- detailed discussion of nonlinearities
- "Butterworth filters of the 2nd kind"
- different presentation of shelving filters, high-order generalized Butterworth and elliptic shelving
- generalized Linkwitz-Riley crossovers
- lots of theoretical stuff
- last but not least: a neat formula for the frequency shifter's poles

The book is a mixture of new research, common knowledge (presented from the POV of the author) and reinventing the wheel. I would be thankful for pointers to previous research, which I might not be aware of.

Some of the new material is used in the soon to be released Reaktor Core macro library update, so it can be tried out (and looked into) directly there.

The book is in the "alpha" state, some of the material had only surface checking and to an extent is a bit of a "work in progress".

Best regards,

Vadim Zavalishin
Reaktor Application Architect
Native Instruments GmbH

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