Abel Cheung wrote:

> On Sun, Jul 13, 2014 at 10:48 PM, Chris Sawer
> <ch...@mutopiaproject.org> wrote:
>> The \version in the .ly file should match the version of LilyPond that
>> you want us to compile with.
> Thanks, then there's only one missing puzzle left. Say if I have a
> piece with (hypothetically)
> \version 2.19.3, but the machine rendering the scores have 2.19.7,
> then would it be rendered
> with the nearest version (2.19.7), or 2.19.3 will be installed on that
> machine to generate score?

As far as I know, adding \version 2.19.3 to the file means that any future 
versions would recognize the file as being written with v2.19.3 syntax, 
parsing it accordingly. 2.19.3 wouldn't need to be installed separately.


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