I have a project called "Mr. Beany's Bitty Band." We released an album
called "Shipping Containers" back in July. (It is CC-BY.)

It's filk set to traditional (public domain) hymn tunes.

It's also an art art concept album about copyright.

(The premise is a lonely space traveler thinks about what might be in store
for the colony ship when they get there, but due to copyright restrictions
only music made before 1923 is available on-board. So, he combines the two.)

The album is released Creative Commons Attribution and extras include a
full song book.

The Songbook is on GitHub. https://github.com/mrbeany/shipping-containers

It was entirely written in LilyPond, so there's a single LilyPond command
to use to build the book.

If LilyPond didn't support includes, I'd just take the twelve songs and
find spots for them in Mutopia and that would be it.

However, the songs have been broken up to tune, lyrics and structure. (With
manual staff-break tweaks happening in structure, not tune.) This allows
the use of variant tunes, as well as meaning there's a single file to
change to tweak the lyrics. A couple of the songs use this break down to
create a more traditional verse/chorus/bridge structure out of separate

In addition to the piano+vocal structure used in the Letter and A4 versions
of the Songbook, there's a "fakebook" style that just has the melody and
verses, a "hymn" style that has the treble and bass staffs with the lyrics
in the middle, and a "midi" pseudo-book that produces two full-length
versions of each of the songs but no actual PDFs.

Am I correct in believing that the preferred file structure for Mutopia is
a single self-contained file, so for inclusion, I'd be taking the canonical
forms of each of the songs and using them? (They were all based upon
two-staff SATB hymns, so that's the canonical form. I'm happy to do that
and provide a link back to the album's GitHub page.)

I've been doing 50/90 (50 Songs in 90 Days) <http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/>
and the output of that will be 3 ~15 track albums. Each of the songs was
based upon a public domain Christmas tune. (One album of Santa-filled
Christmas music, one for Halloween carols, and another Kid's album.) Each
of the 45 songs will have LilyPond source associated with it. If the
standard is one file per song, I can plan for that with these albums and go
for something more complicated when planning a song book.

Again, am I correct in believing that there is a strong preference for a
single LilyPond file per song?

Steven Black
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