And now for something completely different.

*The Project:* Make the MutopiaProject website more readable on small
format devices like pads and smartphones. The overall design and intent of
the site will remain the same --- presenting open source sheet music and
inviting contributors.

*Method:* Build a team willing to contribute expertise in site design, CSS,
HTML5, and Bootstrap <>, and testing on various
devices. Familiarity with Perl is helpful but not essential. The main
GITHUB <> account now contains 2 projects,
one is for the current layout (sheet music assets + web site) and another
that contains only the web site code (MutopiaWeb). When the new site is
phased in, the previous web code will be deprecated.

*Prototype (where we are now):* A prototype has been built which can be
viewed in a folder off our main site
<>. Search functions are not
fully functional yet, but the basic functionality of the old site code has
been modified to generate HTML5 pages using bootstrap. There are some small
graphical differences but more dramatic changes are obvious when viewed
from a smartphone.

*The next phase (where you come in):* All we have done so far is adapt the
existing code to HTML5 and bootstrap. We have taken advantage of some of
the framework but mostly focused on navigation and experimenting with how
it would look on a small-format device.

   - The navigation bar at the top is fixed. Should it be? Are there better
   ways of doing this?
   - Footer navigation/info?
   - Are there features that would make the site more usable?
   - Graphics?
   - How does it look on other devices and browsers? What bootstrap
   features can we leverage to make the site look and function well on both
   small- and large- format devices?
   - Should we incorporate more social media for new publications?
   - ?

>From your input, I will be starting a list of issues and milestones that
can be assigned to, and reviewed by, volunteers.

*Interested?* Send me an email with your github account name. I am hoping
that we can work towards collaborative solutions like what was done with
the copyright line at the bottom of MutopiaProject sheet music. If you have
ideas for us but don't have time to be continually in the loop or don't
want to bother with a github account, email your ideas to me and I will add
them as issues and try to keep you in the loop.


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