There's an accepted enhancement to add command-line support for 
global-staff-size to LilyPond:

The enhancement would open the door to specify override values for 
global-staff-sizes for letter/A4 in the source code.  Mutopia scripts could 
then implement the distinct values for Letter vs. A4 PDF generation...I'm 
thinking headers \mutopiaLetterStaffSize = X, \mutopiaAFourStaffSize = Y, or 
some other more elegant solution.

I often spend time adjusting spacing to make both letter & A4 acceptable, while 
avoiding orphan systems, page breaks in less-than-ideal measures, too-airy 
pages, etc. 

Adjustments (in order of preference and their impact on maintainability & 
* adjust vertical margins/distances/padding for titles & footers 
* adjust left/right margins 
* fixed line-width 
* adjusting staff-staff-spacing min distance 
* add breaks and/or noBreaks here an there 
* adjust staff-size (within range 18-21)

It's surely a matter of personal preference, but in general, I prioritize 
font-size over other formatting adjustments.  That is to say, I spend time 
trying out other formatting fixes, including ragged pages, before I decide to 
go with global-staff-size smaller than ~18.


From: Knute Snortum <>
To: "" <> 
Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2017 11:45 AM
Subject: [Mutopia-discuss] Different page numbers and formatting between A4 and 
Letter sizes

I try to make my contributions fit in a whole number of pages, that is, not 
with a ragged last page.  To do this, I often change the global staff size.  
The problem arises when I have to change from A4 to Letter paper size.  Often 
the number of pages changes, making one look too spaced out.

What would be nice is if I could specify a different staff size for different 
paper sizes.  If not, I have to decide between a ragged last page, or worse, 
making one size look bad for the sake of the other.  Since I'm from the US, I 
would favor Letter.  The A4 people would need to change some settings and 
recompile.  How can we avoid this?

Knute Snortum
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