A little while ago, I started typesetting some pdf's I found on IMSLP. I've been doing it for my own personal use, primarily to make the music more readable for me on letter size paper. So I have some less than elegant lilypond files. To make them suitable for Mutopia, doe each piece need to be separated into its own file? For example, I typeset Louis Kohler's op 151, which consists of 12 lessons. I put each one in a .ily and the whole book as a master .ly file that includes all the lesson .ily files. I set it up this way so I could put an \allowPageTurn after each lesson and get the whole thing as a nice little book that I can comb bind. If the lessons need to be separated for Mutopia, are there some examples of how to set it up to make individual files with their midi files, and also make a complete book. And does Mutopia want the complete book?

I'm still a relative novice with lilypond, and pretty inept with scheme. I have some competence with python, if that's relevant.

Ultimately, I want to create some collections of graded works, 50 or so pages of grade 2, for example. A collection that might be useful for someone at grade 2 to use as practice material, or that someone at grade 3 can use for sight-reading.

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