I've started to typeset Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 23 in A major
(KV 488). I plan to typeset at least the piano part for all three
movements, and probably all parts, too.

Correspondingly, I have a few questions.

First: should I submit incremental pull requests as I finish pieces of
the work (e.g., "completed piano for first movement"), or should I wait
until I have completed the entire score? In particular, should I create
a pull request right now that simply sets up the opus directory with a
blank score?

Second: my reference is a scan of an edition published in 1879 in
Leipzig by Breitkopf & Härtel and obtained from [IMSLP][1]. The IMSLP
entry indicates that the copyright is in the public domain: it lists
five editors for the work, and claims that each died before 1917.
Is there anything else that I should check regarding the copyright
status of this score?

[1]: https://imslp.org/wiki/Special:ReverseLookup/25720

For reference, the PDF version of the score in question has the
following SHA-256 hash:


Third: the Allegro movement includes a cadenza, which is not notated in
the score but which seems to have a standard form among modern
performers: for instance: [Pollini][2], [Trifonov][3], and [Uchida][4]
all play almost exactly the same version. Should I transcribe and
typeset this cadenza? (I would like to, if possible!)

[2]: https://youtu.be/DXeBFhqViYg?t=571
[3]: https://youtu.be/-s68kHOnpiE?t=626
[4]: https://youtu.be/rtQGIJJS6FU?t=559

I am pushing my work to the `kv488` branch of [my GitHub fork][5] of the
main Mutopia repository, in case anyone would like to check on the
progress. Please note that I plan to force-push to this branch.

[5]: https://github.com/wchargin/MutopiaProject/tree/kv488

Please feel free to let me know about things that I can do to make
maintainers' and reviewers' jobs easier. I've used LilyPond before and
am comfortable with it, but I'm certainly no expert, and I welcome
suggestions. Thanks!


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