#3780: Ctrl-Y causes mutt to suspend on OSX
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Comment (by dgc):

 This is not a mutt issue, it's a terminal property (DSUSP) that is
 applicable only on BSD-derived systems such as OSX.  GNU glibc manual
 documents it thus:

   Macro: int VDSUSP
   This is the subscript for the DSUSP character in the special control
 character array. termios.c_cc[VDSUSP] holds the character itself.

   The DSUSP (suspend) character is recognized only if the implementation
 supports job control (see Job Control). It sends a SIGTSTP signal, like
 the SUSP character, but not right away—only when the program tries to read
 it as input. Not all systems with job control support DSUSP; only BSD-
 compatible systems (including GNU/Hurd systems).

 If you run `stty -a` you'll see ctrl-Y bound to DSUSP. DSUSP sends SIGTSTP
 just like SUSP (ctrl-Z) does, but ''only when the program reads the ctrl-Y
 as input -- not before''. If you run `cat` at your terminal prompt and
 press ctrl-Y and enter, you'll see the same thing. (You have to press
 enter because cat line-buffers input. Mutt does not.)

 To "fix" this, use stty to rebind DSUSP.

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