#3780: Ctrl-Y causes mutt to suspend on OSX
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Comment (by balderdash):

 > No, the ideal solution has already been suggested: _you_ want ^Y not to
 suspend, so issue "stty dsusp undef" in your .bashrc or equivalent.

 I dare you to find one person with a US layout keyboard or similar who
 *wants* Ctrl-Y to suspend mutt, and wants it so badly that he will not be
 content with Ctrl-Z.

 A solution that requires users to do something they shouldn't have to do
 is not ideal.  If Vim disappeared when Ctrl-Y is hit, and wouldn't even
 let you remap that key elsewhere in vimrc, there would be (rightly) a

 > It really is nothing to do wiuth mutt.

 It's utterly baffling why people keep saying this.  Are people really
 confusing "it is not entirely mutt's fault" with "it is entirely not
 mutt's fault"?  It is at least partly mutt's fault, which is conclusively
 proven by the existence of numerous other tools that don't suspend upon
 Ctrl-Y during normal operation, including:


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