#3899: mutt_ssl's interactive_check_cert() has several issues
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Comment (by vinc17):

 +/* Use this with care.  If the compiler can't see the array
 + * definition, it obviously won't produce a correct result */
 +#define mutt_array_size(x)  (sizeof (x) / sizeof ((x)[0]))
 If you fear of incorrect use, one can add a check that {{{sizeof (x)}}} is
 a multiple of {{{sizeof ((x)[0])}}}, though this wouldn't be very useful
 in practice. Also comparing the variable size {{{sizeof (x)}}} and the
 element size {{{sizeof (&(x)[0])}}} may be useful, but it would yield an
 error for 1-element arrays whose size is the same as the pointer size;
 however, when this macro is used, the array probably has more than one
 element, so that this should be safe.

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